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XClaim 3x3 Kit 05

XClaim 3 by 3 Kit 05 is a great kit is about seven and a half wide and comes with a back wall display with seven stretch fabric graphics.

Once you buy this Kit 05 design of the Xclaim 3 by 3 series, you will also get a soft carry bag that comes with it.

This fantastic product from Smash Hit Displays comes with the Xclaim fabric popup system, which includes a super stretch push-fit fabric graphics. To create a polished and sleek display, the super stretch push-fit fabric graphics is always pre-attached to the collapsible frame.

The Xclaim displays from Smart Hit Displays do not need any equipment for assembly since they are using a magnetic collapsible frame that is also lightweight.

The XClaim 3x3 Kit 05 is very portable, and you can easily set it up and even pack it down in a quick way.

The following are some of the great features that this product comes with

It has a collapsible frame that will always remain to stand since it uses magnetic locking arms

You will also be able to get seven different sizes of the frame. Apart from that, there are also various graphic styles that you will be able to choose from.

It also has an optional lighting solution where you can either opt for LUM-LED-200 or LUM-200. All these exclude the pyramid kits.

Another reason why you need this product is the marvelous push-fit graphic connection technology.

Smash Hit Displays ensures that the product is given a limited hardware warranty to safeguard it against any defects of the manufacturer.

Hurry up and get this product today at only $1,125.00.

Details- Warranty

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Graphic Template

Items Included in Kit Price

  • - 3x3 frame
  • - 7 graphics
  • - Carry bag

Type of Graphic(s)

Special Features

  • - Collapsible frame uses magnetic locking arms to remain standing
  • - Pre-attached stretch fabric graphics make set-up fast 'amp; easy
  • - Push-fit graphic connection technology
  • - 7 frame sizes and a variety of graphic styles to select from
  • - Optional lighting solution LUM-200 or LUM-LED-200 available (excluding Pyramid kits)
  • - Lifetime limited hardware warranty against manufacturer defects
  • - Comes in a drawstring carry bag

Shipping Information

Shipping dimensions:

3x3: 34.25 l x 10.24 w x 9.84 h

870mm(l) x 260mm(w) x 250mm(h)

Approximate shipping weight (includes

hardware and carry bag only):

13.12 lbs / 5.95 kgs


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