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Vector Frame Light Box R-04 Rectangle


Backlit Light Box

Vector Frame light box R- 04 kit contains a unique 100mm silver extrusion frame giving it a luxurious look and feel. An assembled unit of the frame light box has a reasonably sizeable graphic area of about 51.25''wX98.5'h, with a total visual area of 47.25 w x 94.5 h x 19.75; these dimensions will give you adequate space for displaying your message without unnecessary disruptions.

With the light box R-04, backlighting is enhanced with a pre-installed LED lighting both at the top and bottom. This lighting system will ensure that your graphics display is well illuminated devoid of any shadowing effects.

The kit also comes with either a single or double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics; this feature gives your high definition graphics that will quickly grasp the attention of your target audience.

With the Vector Frame light box R- 04 kit, you are sure of a lifetime hardware warranty against all manufacturer defects. Therefore, you get peace of mind and eventually save on costs of having to purchase another display much sooner in case of a fault due to its manufacture settings.

Shipping of this product has been made easier due to the relatively light weight of the materials used. The entire package is approximately 70.67 Lbs. or 32.05 Kgs hence reducing the cost of shipping as well as ease of movement. Besides, it comes with a transportation and storage molded case for your convenience.

Try, our vector frame light box R-04 rectangle and experience display like no other!

Details- Warranty

Assembled unit:
47.25 w x 94.5 h x 19.75 d
1200mm(w) x 2400mm(h) x 502mm(d)

Graphic Templates- Product Resources


PDF Graphic Template


Photoshop Graphic Template

Items Included in Kit Price

- 100mm silver extrusion frame
- LED lighting top and bottom
- Single or double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
- Comes packaged in one OCH wheeled molded case for transport or storage
- Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects


Shipping Information

Shipping dimensions:
1 OCH case: 50 l x 29 h x 12 d
1270mm(l) x 737mm(h) x 305mm(d)
Approximate shipping weight (entire kit):
70.67 lbs / 32.05 kgs


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