Vector Frame Light Boxes

Vector Frame Light Boxes

Smash Hit Displays has a variety of Vector Frame Light Boxes that you can choose for your trade show display.

They are meant to give you a modern a unique and stylish addition to your trade shows space. They have a clean and sturdy aluminum frames and an impressive press-in graphics that creates a zero-edge display. This trend is quite new to the portable display market but can be used to transform the market and drive traffic to your booth.

Vector Frame Light Boxes have a proper back-lighting that is accomplished through LED light strip, which is strategically lined in the frame. To seal in the light and provide the graphic with a glowing light box effect, a block out liner is included in all Vector Frame Light Boxes.

To make a double-sided light box, Smash Hit Displays have ensured that the block out liner on the double-sided units is replaced by extra graphics.

Each of these amazing kits includes a frame, block out liner, graphic and a hard shipping case. The kits also come with a LED lights strip.

One of the major reasons why you need one of these light boxes is the fact that you will not require any additional assembly since the frame is manufactured with the light strips already attached to them.

Smash Hit Displays can also organize for you custom sizes that are available for specific purposes.

Some of the models you will find at Smash Hit Displays include:

Vector Frame Light Box R-01 Rectangle, Square 02, R-02 Rectangle, Square 03, R-04 Rectangle and others.

The prices of these great products include graphic, OCH case, as well as hardware. Some of the incredible features you will find in these products are hard case with wheels, LED lighting, top and bottom dye-sub graphics and others.

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