Truss Displays

20x20 Truss Booths

Truss Booths are increasingly gaining popularity today. As many businesses are coming up, there is a need for a proper display for their products at a market, exhibition or fair and in service delivery. Every company and trade show booths firm has different expectations when it comes to the type, design and the purpose of the booth intended. Therefore, it calls for custom truss booth solutions for trade shows exhibits, theaters, storefronts, races, night clubs and more.


 Smash Hit Displays have come to offer exclusive services to customers who are either planning intimate outdoor gatherings or major exhibitions. They have tailored solutions, superior services, with expertise advice and quality products for their esteemed clients. Smash Hit Displays is specialized in designing different types of trusses: EZ6 Display Truss System, Hyper Lite Hybrid, and Display Trusses.

Truss Displays-
Smash Hit Displays is availed to asset customers with Designing and Developing Trade Show display or exhibition. With us, customers are in a position to get quality trade shows and exhibitions truss displays, equipment, and of trusses with varied colors. We offer trusses according to a customers' preference and requirements through designing truss kits of different types i.e. 10x10 Truss Display Systems, Eco-Friendly Truss, and 10x20 Truss Exhibits to achieve what a client yearns for.

Trade Show Flooring-
In addition to truss displays, Smash Hit Displays offer trade show floor designing for aesthetic and comfort for extra cushioning. These too could be provided to a customer's choice and can be chosen to complement the color theme or supplement trade show displays. Trade show flooring is functional and is considerate depending on the client and host's mission and could give off a great impression of a client or company.

Truss Booths-
For trade show success, the creation of stunning truss displays and Truss 20x20 trade show display selection is ideal. High-tech designed systems, 20x20 Truss Booths offer endless configuration options which suit our customers' taste with its pre-configured setups that are complete, highly functional, and with its attention getting trade show display. Smart Hit Displays is there to keep your audience coming to your shows and exhibitions.

Display Trusses (20x20)
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Smash Hit Displays currently offers standard 20'X20' display trusses all of which can be modified to fit into any 20 x 20 booth. Requiring no ...

Hyperlite Hybrid 20 x 20
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Hyperlite Hybrid 20 x 20 Truss Systems are unlike any other on the market. These unique truss booths have the spacious, inviting layout that truss ...
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