Truss Displays

Display Truss (10x20)

We currently offer a great selection of Orbital 10'X20' trade show display truss models or any custom design you can think of. All of these truss systems carry a lifetime warranty. Requiring no tools for assembly, these systems come complete with easy to follow instructions that make them easier to use than a traditional display truss. We offer a free 3-D rendering for all custom configurations and we will assist you in making a design that is right for your company. Now you can enjoy the stunning appeal and engaging atmosphere of a full line of trusses without the hassle of a custom assembly, and at a price within your marketing budget. Create a visually stunning trade show exhibit  or custom-use display - that will connect with your visitors, and generate more leads and sales than any other display in the show! Call us today and we will help ensure that you will be the talk of the show with your display truss.


10 x 20 Truss Systems

All of our 10x20 truss systems are produced locally. All major components of the display are 100% US made and warranted for a lifetime. Truss systems resemble many major television networks and events so your booth will instantly look professional and stand out. These units are unique because they are completely customized without a custom price. We offer free 3-D rendering for all custom configurations and can assist you in putting together a design that will work great for your company. Change one graphic or the whole set just by reordering. Truss displays can create a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes. The nice thing about the truss display is they require no tools. They come with color coded instructions and engineering to make assembly easy. Have a custom look of a truss exhibit with easy assembly. These truss displays are innovative and will make your booth stand out at any convention.See all of our trade show displays.

10' x 20' Booth Displays

We offer twelve different 10' x 20' truss displays. Choose from the standard models below or create your own. See our full truss selection on our main truss displays page. These truss displays can be easily broken down into 10' x 10' display configurations and can be expanded to different configurations by ordering additional parts. You can also purchase additional shelving, flat screen monitor mounts and literature racks. What's exciting in today's trade show world is the fact that you will gain exposure and meet new clients who you would not have otherwise been able to meet without the trade show. Some of these new clients may place small orders, while others will be big accounts. What happens if that account walks right by your show display and doesn't even notice you're there? Maybe they are looking at another booth, board or just in a hurry to get to the next aisle. You won't need to worry about people hurrying down the aisles with our stunning 20 foot truss system displays, but you will have to have a system in place to handle all of the traffic you will be getting. Let the truss get their attention and let us help design your trade show graphics so that your trade show exhibit intrigues attendees to stop by. The truss brings in the subliminal message that have been noticed on TV shows and public places, such as ESPN, Poker Stars, America?s Got Talent, the mall, and concerts. The spectacular construction combined with impressive graphics will make your audience say one word? wow! Call us today to get started making sure you do not miss that next big sale.

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