Truss Displays

Hyperlite Hybrid Truss 10 x 10

Having 10 x 10 truss exhibit that stand out at the event is important if you want to be remembered long after the show is over. Your truss display will be remembered as long as your products are. "They were the company that had the need looking truss display .That is only one of the benefits to the stunning 10 x10 Hyperlite Truss Systems.

The light weight portable truss systems have eye-catching configurations that will not only get noticed from across the trade show floor but separate themselves in looks and style from all the other displays. The open layouts will invite more people to browse your truss systems booth and give people a special feeling the are dealing with a high level company. Steel frames are used and can quickly be put together by painlessly using no tools to connect each truss section. If you prefer a different look, just give Smash Hit Displays a call and we?ll make it happen! See our Orbital 10 x 10 trade show trusses and compare.

You can browse our per-designed kit concepts or design your own from scratch still getting the kit pricing. Use the kits as is, add some accessories, reconfigure them or start from scratch. With Hyperlite, it's entirely up to you.

Please tell Dennis that we used his recommendations on notebooks and attaching the cards on a sheet with notes. We have over 100 qualified leads that want a demo.?Considering the attendee list was only 350, we did real good!


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