Truss Displays

Truss Displays

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Smash Hit Displays is your premier source for premium quality trade show truss displays, equipment, and accessories. We carry every style, configuration, and color of truss displays. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide you with truss kits or custom design your booths to achieve the look you want.



Truss trade show displays are effective at getting your customers attention. In fact, many of our clients say their truss exhibits attract more customers than neighboring displays in trade shows and other events. The strength and familiar look of the components makes the lighting trusses more attractive.

The main purpose of joining trade shows is to get the attention of people and convert them into buying customers. It really pays to have an exhibit that helps you get noticed easily.

Ease of Installation

Truss display booths traditionally have heavy-duty sections. Now, many of these truss exhibits use a twist-lock construction, which makes them easy to set up. This type of display provides more space, allowing your visitors to view your products or walk around your booth freely.

Amazing Features and Add On's

In addition to designing custom exhibits, Smash Hit Displays offers a range of accessories that will add those special finishing touches to your booth. Using additional parts, we can expand your stage lighting truss to 10 X 20 or 20 X 20 models. That depends on your requirements and preferences.

Perhaps you have seen trusses like these on many TV shows and concert stages. We can also provide 3D representations of all our truss booth designs. To achieve a perfect finish, you can accessorize your display system with:

¢    Counters and tables
¢    TV mounts
¢    Flooring
¢    Shelving
¢    Literature stands

With a custom designed booth, your visitors will remember your brand, products, and services long after the show is over. Browse through our website to see our full range of trade show displays and accessories. Call now and get one for your next event.

Truss booths are the ultimate in design, durability and versatility. These systems are sure to keep your team busy answering questions and explaining what your company is all about to your visitors. To stay on top of the competition, you need to use the right advertising tools. Truss display booths are among the best options.

Here s the best part: we offer custom trusses for the same price as kits! You ll get the exact display you need at the best price. How cool is that? Give us a call so you can have the right truss booth.

We also rent truss displays at competitive rates. Talk to our team for inquiries.
See our truss galleries for display design ideas.

See our truss galleries for ideas we make them real: Gallery 1: Gallery 2: Truss Rental Gallery

Call us today to inquire about our advertising products and to get a quote.

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