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To avoid the disappointment of being caught without most of your items especially if you are travel. This fantastic five piece traveling kit is a great airline carry-on compliant. This is exactly what you need to prevent your items and toiletries from being discarded due to the fact that they fail to meet international security measures.

The kit also comes with four BPA refillable bottles that are all given at a free cost. Additionally, you will find an incredible zip lock bag. The three screw top bottles and the additional one spray bottle that are provided by Smash Hit Displays can carry up to 80 milliliters of liquid content. The bag is made clear to ensure that your items are screened easily without the need of opening the bag.

Other items that are included in the kit price are eight-pocket fabric literature stand. The color that is currently available is gray.

You will also be able to get a wheeled soft case.

If you purchase this item, you will also be able to find six inches wave tube with dye sublimation graphic. Besides the wave tube, you will also get six inch-dye-sublimation table throw with three sides.

Other things that you will be able to find within the kit includes:

An eighty-milliliters spray bottle, and three 80ml screw top bottles.

Apart from those, you will also be able to find one clear zip lock PVC storage pouch (19cmx18.5cm)

This is the product that you need, hurry up and get it from Smash Hit Displays at only 675.00 US dollars.

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Items Included in Kit Price

    • - 6' dye-sublimation table throw with three sides
    • - 6' Wave Tube with dye-sublimation graphic
    • - 8 pocket fabric literature stand in gray
    • - Wheeled soft case

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Box dimensions - 33"w X 7"h X 12"d

Weight - 15 lbs


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