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10x10 Booth Size

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Our line of 10' displays are the closest thing to custom displays you can get to without spending a fortune. Whether you are searching for a booth with a 3D design, unique wings for a unique look, or booth with an open layout, you will find it here. Pop up displays are perfect for exhibitors who need a display that is simple to assemble and has a 3-dimensional appearance. 10 x 10 Truss Systems are created out of heavy-duty aluminum or steel and can be reconfigured to create the perfect design for you. Hybrid displays are also excellent if you are looking for an innovative exhibit on a budget. If you are not quite ready to purchase your very own 10 foot display, rental displays are available in every size. We at Smash Hit Displays want you to be a success at trade shows, so feel free to call us with any questions you may have and we?ll help you create the perfect trade show display for your next event.

See our search for ideas page for more options for trade show booths and how yours could look.

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