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20' Pop Up Displays

With a 20-foot pop up display during a trade show, you will draw large crowds. If you want to go big at a trade show and showcase your company in a big way, our 12' and 20' popup trade show displays will help you achieve that goal. They will stand out from a big area among other stands and ensure a regular flow of people to your booth due to their size, graphics, and bold colors.

The 20-foot exhibits take only a few minutes to assemble, and you need no tools. At Smart Hit Displays, we offer several customization configurations of 20-foot displays to choose from that are a fit with your organization needs. Some of these configurations include gull-wing, horseshoe and serpentine. Many of our 20' display system packages have graphics and attractive pictures. You are bound to catch the attention of everyone walking by!

Need help designing your trade show graphics? Our designers at Smash Hit Displays can help you design booth stands expertly.

Our 12 foot and 20 foot Coyote display products are of high-quality, reliable, lightweight, easy to Use, Completely Magnetic, have an extensive range of sizes and have a Lifetime Warranty on Frame. The pop up are all made in USA.


Are you planning on traveling outside town for your next convention or company showcase? You do not have to worry about it because we have a solution for you.

We have easy to pack fabric or vinyl displays for you that can fit into shipping cases. The exhibit system will help you have an outstanding trade show experience whether they are within the town or away. We provide renting services of popup display and many show accessories to choose from that include shelves, literature racks, counters and much more. Our products offer you convenience and flexibility that your business needs to thrive in the market today. Place your order now!

Our line of Coyote 20 foot popup stands are designed to draw a crowd. Not only is the frame heavy-duty and durable, but its also very lightweight and takes a matter of minutes to assemble. No tools are required to set up this dynamic stand system. There are several different configurations to choose from, including Gullwing, Serpentine, and Horseshoe. Many of our 20' packages come with graphics, which are just what you need to catch the eye of everyone walking by. Need help designing your trade show graphics? We can help you!

Our line of Coyote 20' Pop up Displays are high-quality products without the high price tag. This booth take very little time to set up and are meant to last year after year. Do you plan on traveling out-of-town for you next convention? These exhibit systems easily pack away into heavy-duty shipping cases. If you would prefer to rent, we do have a variety of rental displays to choose from. We also have a huge assortment of show accessories to choose from, including shelves, counters, literature racks, and much more! See all of our popup displays.

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