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Folding Display Panels

We were excited to add the Folding Display Panels to our line of quality trade show displays because of their portability, sturdiness, and long-lasting construction. Smash Hit Displays has 7 different folding panel display systems to choose from, all of which take minutes, even seconds, to set up.

  • Hero Premium Seamless Folding Panel Displays can be set up simply by unfolding/folding the panels. The concealed hinges will hide just how effortless these trade show exhibits are to put together.
  • Voyager Briefcase Folding Panel Displays may appear as if they are briefcases because of the handle, but once they are opened up, an attractive and vibrant panel display is presented.
  • Horizon Fast Folding Displays come in several stylish and bold fabric colors, and panel choices. Add detachable graphics for a more personalized display booth.
  • 3 Panel Table Top Displays are lightweight and take no more than 5 minutes to set up. Four basic color combinations are available to choose from for the fabric panels.


About Our FOLDING PANEL Displays

Trade shows can be a stressful time, especially for new exhibitors because of the preparations needed to assemble show displays, paperwork that needs to be filed, and making sure all of the promotional products and literature are ready to go for everyone who enters your booth display. That's what drew us to the attractive Folding Panel Displays. They give you the opportunity to set them up in a matter of minutes without the headaches associated with trying to put together several small trade show display components. No instructions are needed since all of the panels are already attached. Smash Hit Displays carries a large variety of panel displays to choose from to fit your needs on the show floor. If you are looking for a portable display that has a more unique shape, feel free to check out our line of pop up displays also!

Hero Premium Seamless Folding Panel Displays
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Reliable, user-friendly, and attractive are all words that describe our new Hero Folding Display Systems. This panel display system is extremely durable, outlasting the daily ...

Horizon Folding Displays
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Horizon 6 Fast Folding Display comes in several stylish and bold fabric colors, but detachable graphics can also be added for a more personalized display ...

Voyager Briefcase Folding Panel Displays
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The Voyager has been specially developed as a briefcase style table top display and is a great choice for promotions on the go. It has ...