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We will work with you to design a display concept that you have chosen or we can can build the graphic entirely from the ground up. Smash Hit Displays offers extremely fast turnaround time and can design some graphics in as little as one day.

We start with a "graphics interview" process to find out what you need and to make sure that the process is fast and easy. Then taking all the information, and any files you might provide we start to create the display that you want. Graphic Design Rates and Fees Graphic design rate is $75 per hour if purchased with the display, this means actual design work, you are not charged for talking on the phone about the design. We quote every job to give you a total cost of the project*, as opposed to leaving an open ended price. Typical graphic designs range from 1-8 hours depending on how complex the graphic is. If there is a stock photo that needs to be purchased for the display design the customer will be charged our cost on the photo or the customer is welcome to purchase it themselves.

Price for photos is not part of original quote for graphic time. Although we offer graphic design, our main focus is to create a great display for our customers and keep them within budget, so we try to get most of the graphic information up front to keep development costs low. All graphic design fees are discussed up front and there are no hidden charges, if we begin to run over the estimated design time, we inform our customers of the time remaining so we can finish the design within the budget. Advantages of Using Smash Hit Displays For Graphic Design Smash Hit Displays is experienced in working with very large display designs and can efficiently develop large scale graphics.

Smash Hit Displays charges some of the lowest rates in the industry so you get high quality work for a fraction of the cost. We store all of our designs on a hard drive so we will always have the original file for future graphic needs. Smash Hit Displays is experienced in the trade show industry and knows what type of designs will work for trade shows, our design team will use our knowledge as well as our clients knowledge to create the best possible display graphics for your company. *Amount is subject to change if time is lower or higher than original quote.

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