Trade Show Carpet

Own your own trade show carpet for your show to save money and keep control of your flooring quality. First impressions are a reflection of your organization. At Smash Hit Displays we know how important it is to make good impression which is why we only carry the highest quality carpeting. SHD has a variety of trade show flooring and carpet solutions to fit any need you may have for the right price.


When selecting a carpet make sure it is meant to be stored rolled up and it uses a cut loop material. Keep the carpet clean to extend the life of the carpet. A clean carpet may never wear out from just trade show use if kept clean. Bring carpet stain remover and cleaner to get that stain out immediately, it is a whole lot easier. You can get a binding on the edges of the carpet to help eliminate the need for double sided tape and add to the look of the carpet. Remember the trade show flowing take the most abuse at a trade show and will a little bit of care will look good and last a long time.

Carpet Tape - 2 x 75
Showstar Elite Package with Freight
Showstar Elite Complete Package
Showstar Plus Package with Freight
Showstar Plus Complete Package