Rollable Vinyl Flooring
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Rollable Vinyl Flooring

Why To Choose Our Products

When it comes to trade show vinyl flooring, the only company you can count on is Smash Hit Displays. We have a diverse array of commercially rated, rollable, portable, and cushion vinyl flooring that features beautiful stone and wood visuals.

As a guru in the trade show business, we believe that the only way you can add style and flare to your display booth at any exhibition event is by using trade show rollable vinyl flooring that comes from our company.

Our goal, over the years, has been to offer the most innovative and beautiful trade show vinyl flooring products that come hand in hand with an unrivaled expertise and an incredible customer experience.

While at a trade show, one area that you have to ensure is perfect is flooring area. Trade show vinyl flooring will provide you with a classic beauty that will attract many customers.


Our Products

Each of our vinyl flooring package is specially designed to fit standard trade show floor spaces. These products are very flexible and can be installed easily and within very short time.

Some of the Trade Show Vinyl flooring products that we provide are Comfort Flex Rollable Vinyl Flooring and comfort flex designer rollable vinyl flooring, both which are available at different prices but same sizes.

We can also customize for you these Trade Show Vinyl flooring products to ensure that your products and business are marketed effectively.

You can use these special products from Smash Hit Displays at any trade show display, and your products will get customers.

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