Trade Show Flooring

Primo PX System Raised Flooring

Our access raised flooring for events include a flooring system, which is raised just a few centimeters from the real floor's surface area. This creates room for electrical cable and various components to be easily relayed beneath the access raised flooring system.

Where You Can Use Them At

We have served many clients who have found this solution very helpful for their server room flooring, computer room flooring, and call centers among others.


Our Raised Flooring Products

All our products are produced in a production facility that is fully certified, and this means that there are stringent quality control measures in various production stages to ensure that our raised flooring for events meets the international standards.

Primo PX System Raised Flooring is one of the raised flooring systems that many clients prefer because of its composition of classic and sequel tiles. Both primo PX Classic and Sequel have quality, but the Primo PX Classic has a higher load capacity because of its different structure.

Why You Need Them

One of the reasons why this product is good for you is because of its storage and transport efficiency. The palley carrying solid plastic pallet and nine cartons of adjustable feet can just be carried by one person, and this will save you time and money.

Get in touch with us here, and get purchase this and other beautiful trade show flooring products from our company.

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