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Trade shows attrack lots of competitors all vying for the attention of clients and customers. The number one way to guarantee attention for your product is by presenting it in a space that cannot be missed. At a trade show presentation is the key to success, and that is why you should always choose high grade hardwood flooring. The key to success is an eye catching booth that is professional and sleek, because this image is what will spur an attendee to stop at your booth versus the next one. The cutting edge look of hardwood is simply hard not to notice.


Most booths or trade show spaces use vinyl or foam because it is cheap and easily portable. However, interlocking hardwood flooring can be just as portable if you purchase high grade materials from a trade show flooring expert. The hardwood floor is constructed out of interlocking pieces of hardwood that are raised allowing your space to quickly stand out from the rest. The flooring has a nice healthy shine to it once in place and will instantly make your space look as spiffy as a car dealership show room. In fact, many car dealerships use the same hardwood flooring that we offer to our trade show clients!

Outside of dealerships, our hardwood raised flooring collection is also used in retail facilities, professional offices, bars, grocery stores, and showrooms across the globe. All of our hardwood flooring is made in the USA and is manufactured carefully to exceed expectations. When you purchase hardwood flooring from us you can rest assured that it will look shiny, new, professional, and high grade from the moment you receive it to a year later when you pull it out for use at yet another trade show. If properly maintained, our hardwood floors perform excellently in all conditions.

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