Trade Show Flooring

GrafX Custom Flooring

Grabbing the attention of the crowds at a busy trade show isn't easy – you need a stand-out display with a "wow" factor. Your goal when presenting at a tradeshow or industry conference is to bring visitors into your booth have them stay a bit to experience your product. Adding a custom-made flooring, created by Grafx Flooring, brings excitement and visual appeal to your tradeshow booth.


Catching the eye is the foundation of a good display; many companies make the mistake that bigger banners and flashier, light-up signage is the answer to standing out. Instead, consider how a custom floor, either hardwood or plush carpet, enhances the overall visual appeal of your space. The appearance of quality flooring instead of the concrete floors of a convention center gives your booth a professional appearance, improving the impression of your company.

In addition to drawing attendees into your booth to peruse your product or service, custom flooring adds a comfort level for both visitors and your sales team. Visitors will appreciate that your company took their comfort into consideration when constructing your booth display. If you consider standing for hours on a hard concrete floor, even those wearing the best shoes will experience discomfort and fatigue. Salespeople who are comfortable and alert will be more engaging throughout the day; a salesperson with sore feet and an aching back won't be resenting at their best after several hours of standing. You want your last customer's impression of your salesperson to be just as good as the first.

Creating custom flooring for your tradeshow booth can add another level of advertisement to your both, including logo'd carpet or hardwood. The professional appearance of your both will be floor-to-ceiling impressive, and tradeshow attendees will notice a fully floored booth from across the room. Check out our trade show flooring blog for more tips on using this amazing product. Contact Smash Hits Displays for a custom Grafx Flooring quote today!

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