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10x10 Truss Display Systems

Truss kits are known for their ease of installation and the fact that they are strong and secure to use. One does not need to have tools to install them. The kits can be configured in different ways using the same parts. Each truss kit comes with all the parts to make a successful exhibit. These truss displays are no exception. The kit is complete with all the parts.

The 10x10 truss display are flexible and can expand to larger sizes. They come shipped in the appropriate manner to protect them. The kit comes complete with all the parts needed to make a good exhibit. You can use the kit to make different designs that will still be strong and secure requiring no tools to install it.


There are valid reasons why you should purchase the 10x10 Truss System display.

  •     The displays are unique in appearance and function. You can use the display to hold things for your display such as LCD monitors, graphics, and other booth accessories.
  •     Truss systems are different. There are some that have a steel or aluminum framework that can be used to hold things that carry significant weight. Those that are made of plastics are suitable for holding decorations as they cannot bear holding heavy materials.
  •     The displays are suitable for holding shelves or page boards for displaying products. They are also best for holding large graphic designs and LCD monitors to advertise your product.
  •     They are flexible and can be installed to give a larger display. Once you get the 10x10 display, you can get additional parts and expand it to become a 10x20 booth. The flexibility saves you from having to purchase another one for your exhibition.

The 10x10 Truss display is designed to accommodate any exhibition needs and is shipped carefully to ensure it does not get damaged in transit.

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