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Truss rental displays are conspicuous in their design. They are built for functionality as well as their aesthetic quality. The designs that Truss displays are of high quality as well as rich diversity. Some of the designs include laminate finishes, seamless high resolution printed fabric murals, slat walls and product shelves among others. Not only are their designs incredible, but they also have a variety that ensures there is a display to suit all tastes. Truss's specialization in trade show displays shows with their structure and durability.




The company prefers to use square than round trade show display tubes. Square tubes ensure that the graphics on display fit perfectly and the finish is exquisite. A square shape has more aesthetic appeal than a round one as well.

The variety of Truss Rental Displays arises from their dimensions. The first type is the 10×10 ft. display. You can have monitor screens on such a display as well as built in counters. The second type is the 10×20 ft. display. The last display has even more variety. You can have professional graphic design whose effects can be substantial. The additional space makes for greater customization. Large murals and printed fabric graphics can also be utilized. The third type of display is the even larger 20×20 display. They are often referred to as the island booth spaces. The 20×20 display has the added advantage of being more open. They include a lot of space but still have some height for an enclosure. The backlighting is also fantastic in this trade show display.

Other designs include the Imagine Modular Series which has the best graphic display of them all. The double deck trade show display is a structural spectacle. You get to hire the same floor space as a single story display but get the added space on top. You can also get many accessories to male your display even better.

There are many advantages to the use of Truss Rental Displays. One of them is the amount of cost savings you can make. Cost savings will include savings on shipping since the Display will be delivered to and from the venue of the event. You also save much concerning time and human resources. Truss Rentals have specialists to set up the Display which lowers the fixed costs of the entire process. Customization is another benefit. Truss Rentals will configure your display to suit your requirements perfectly. For example, a double deck can be utilized by a Truck company. The inventory at Truss Rentals goes a long way to help clients with urgent needs. The above may take the form of 3 or 4 shows that need to happen within a week. Truss Rental Displays will be shipped to each location, and everything can go on as planned.

Customer review:

Dear Larry and Brenda,- Nick came through with flying colors. He did an excellent job and paid attention to the smallest detail. He even returned to sweep the carpet without a problem. I would definitely like him to set us up again, hope he will do Tulare for us.
Thanks for talking me down. We are extremely happy with the booth quality, graphics and Nick's performance.
Bravo Smash Hits! Sue- Organic Solutions

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