• Create the Perfect Show Display for Less

    Create the Perfect Show Display for Less As a typical trade show exhibitor, the only trick of cutting corners at trade shows is by finding affordable measures that are worth the duration they take to implement fully.
    The following tips by Smash Hit Displays are guaranteed to greatly lower the amount of time you spend on your trade show displays, without costing you any substantial amount of effort and time.

    Ensure You Have a Calendar
    Organizers for most custom trade show displays offers loads of incentives that are meant to attract as many exhibitors as possible. If you are lucky to get the early bird rates, then you can save much in terms of resources and even time.
    Schedule your calendar so that you can have your early registration that may come with great discounts on several show services. You will be able to save so much money on early bird pricing and discounts.

    Consider Trimming Your Travel Budget
    There are several options in this area that you can consider; the first one has to be the hotel. This is due to the fact that booking your crew into off sites rooms may be cheaper. But staying off site is not the best option because it will eat into your networking chances. You shouldn't be afraid to negotiate with the hotel owners should you choose the off-site accommodation.
    Another serious saving is the travel per diem that you provide to your staff. You should take the time to split the portion of their per diem that they do not spend.

    Control Your Power
    In this area, there are a number of options you can explore. The first one is to lower your electricity requirement by using battery powered lighting. You can also choose to use mobile power center to run small electronics.The second option is to pay exactly what you will need if you choose to use show-supplied power.
    To know the actual requirements of your power appliances, you should connect all of them to a power meter, and then total it all up. The estimates you'll obtain will be much more accurate.

    Do Not Use Services & Products Offered On-Site
    Unforgettable custom displays have one constant, and that is requiring something that you didn't consider. It will be very important to pack all the things you can think of; from the power cords, electrical tape, batteries, surge protectors, cleaning supplies, and trash cans. This is the only way you will be able to avoid the cost of buying any of the items from the exhibit site or hotel.

    If you choose to provide treats at your space, ensure that they are in sealed and branded packaging. By doing this, they become giveaways and not consumables.

  • How to Sell Your Products at Trade Shows

    Trade shows are a great place to market your business, improve sales and generate tons of future business. However, investment in these shows can prove to be costly and without the right preparation and strategy to market your products to this wide array of potential prospects. Increase your sales at the next trade show without overspending, by developing a solid marketing strategy leading up to the event. Merchants who are better prepared to meet the demands of their customers will see an in their net profits while building their respective brands and expanding on their consumer network.

    Research the trade show before you decide to sign up and leave your deposit for a memorable trade show booth. Market research at trade shows is just as crucial to the success of that particular weekend as it is for a new business picking out a physical location for a storefront. Think of your next trade show booth as your next store front. If you wouldn't pick a less than ideal place for your brick and mortar shop then don't skimp on research prior to signing up for trade shows. Bad locations are always bad for business. It can save you loads of time and precious resources. If the show seems like a good match for your product range, it's now time to dig deeper and learn everything you can about the potential clientele. If you have a wide range of items or services for sale, think in particular about this clientele and what products will market best to this upcoming audience. What particular products will market better at this show than at others? Know your audience and the business will find its way to you.

    Give yourself enough time to plan out these events. Wait until last minute and none of the above will be feasible and you will be walking blindly though the show hoping to make whatever sales you can. In the planning process invite feedback from your superiors, co-workers, and partners. Achieve better results through collective brainstorming.

    Market the show and advertise your presence leading up to the event. Let people know where and how they can find you. Trade shows have loads of competition. You must find a way to stand out in the crowd. Once you setup shop, remember to present an image of positivity at all times without seeming too overwhelming and pushy. Be helpful, not forceful when attempting to generate leads at trade shows. A trade show is meant to be a busy, but relaxed atmosphere where one can explore a wide range of products from different vendors. Present your business with an image of success and confidence at all times. Polite manners, friendly greeting and thankfulness go a long way in gaining, and more importantly, retaining these buyers as future customers.

  • Should You Invest in Giveaways at Your Trade Show Display?

    At any given trade show, you are bound to see about a dozen booths attempting to give away some sort of product for any number of reasons. But, the big question is whether your trade show display should have one as well, as giveaways can involve investing time and money (two things that you do not want to waste). With this said, here is a quick guide to help you decide whether your trade show exhibit should involve a giveaway.

    Do You Need Consumer Information?

    If you want to gather consumer information from trade show attendees, giveaways are a great way to do it. Usually, attendees will not just volunteer to give you their information without reward. So, it is usually a good idea to offer them a product for volunteering their information. By doing this, the volunteer feels that they have earned something for their precious time. Many times, this new information can be more financially valuable to you than whatever you decide to give away.

    Will You Have Signage About the Giveaway?

    Signage is always very important when designing a trade show display. If your trade show booth design does not have some sort of signage announcing the existence of the giveaway, you may miss catching the attention of many attendees, as you cannot announce it verbally to each individual attendee. Essentially, if you do plan to have signage, doing a giveaway may be worth it, however, if you do not plan on having signage, it could very well be a huge waste of your time.

    What is the Anticipated Traffic of the Show?

    Scale is one of the most important things to consider when deciding on whether or not your booth should have a giveaway. Essentially, if your trade show exhibit booth traffic is going to be very low, it probably is not worth creating a giveaway due to the fact that you may have to produce a set amount of product in order to have the giveaway. You want to make sure that the value you are going to get from having the giveaway outweighs the cost of both purchasing or creating the item you are giving away and the time you spent creating the giveaway. It is highly recommended that you ask the trade show organizer what the expected turn-out is in order to determine the number of individuals who may be passing your booth.

    Based on the above criteria, it should be pretty easy to figure out whether it is worth having a giveaway at your tradeshow exhibit. Even though it is a show, it is still business and, therefore, should still be about making your activities financially worthwhile. A final bit of advice if you do decide to have a giveaway is to make sure it is actually something that people will want! Happy exhibiting!