Rollable Bamboo Flooring

Rollable Bamboo Flooring

A bamboo trade show floor is a type of flooring material that is used temporarily. It can be swiftly be put together and just as quickly be dismantled. Trade show flooring is used for decoration as much as it is used for anything else. The flooring can be made very colorful, and decorators can get very creative. Trade show bamboo flooring is designed to mimic wooden bamboo floors.

Roll-able trade show bamboo flooring is easy to install, easy to keep clean, eco-friendly, lightweight and rolls up in seconds. Cost is only $9.95 pr square foot.


Trade show flooring has many advantages including:


When you use trade show flooring, you rent it for some hours that your event will be occurring. You can save a lot by not renting floor space on a permanent floor and assemble your hardwood floors. You can also rent them out and use them in different locations as opposed to having to pay twice for different places.


The floors usually have padding which will make it easier on your legs especially if the event involves you standing around and walking for most of the event. All event attendees will be thankful for this.


Every space has its flaws. A permanent floor may have holes, stains or cracks among other features. A trade show floor will help hide all these unwanted features of the floor. The floor will be perfect for the duration of the event.


Trade show bamboo flooring is very aesthetically appealing. In an event where many individuals or organizations are competing for people's attention, a trade show floor could be the thing that attracts an attendee and direct them towards you.

Bamboo Flooring comes in several color options in either a 5 foot width or 6 foot 6 inch width. Just give us a call at 877-215-5355 for samples.
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