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Vector Frame Geometric Fabric Displays

The stunning and unique design of the Vector Frame Geometric Fabric Displays has captured the attention of many exhibitors. It could have something to do with its wrinkle-resistant, flawless tension fabric graphics. Or it could be perhaps the eye-catching design each display has. Whatever the reason, our customers are falling in love with these affordable, travel-friendly expo displays.

Along with the large assortment of configurations to choose from, these Vector Fabric Displays takes very little time to assemble. Each one has a contemporary, clean look, making it the perfect trade show exhibit to positively promote your business. These USA-made display systems are printed using state-of-the-art, G7 color certified printers and are completed by hand. If you are looking for a booth that has a remarkable, memorable design that will gain the attention of potential customers at the trade show, then you have come to the right place. Call Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355 for more information on this brand-new line of show displays.


About Vector Frame Geometric Fabric Displays

Manufactured in the United States, this new breed of fabric displays has a one-of-a-kind design that will have people talking. They have a quick turnaround time and are built to be extremely portable, with its lightweight frame, wrinkle-resistant graphics, and efficient assembly. Whether you are preparing for your first or fiftieth trade show, the Vector line of fabric displays will allow you to do so quickly and effortlessly. Need a little extra help designing your graphics? Smash Hit Displays has an experienced graphic designer who can do it for you. Call for more details.

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Vector Frame Essential 10 x 20 Exhibit Kits
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