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Double Deck Truss Rentals

Avoid the hustles you have to deal with when setting up an exhibition that is two-storied. Everything is done for you to get the show going and you get to do nothing after the show in clearing up the display. Double Deck Displays are essential today for brief displays and offer a proper way to ensure that your product or service is noticed. That is where truss rentals come in.

The double deck displays rented out by Truss rentals include:

    Double Deck Exhibit Rentals
    Double Deck GbSAVR
    Double Decker Mercent 20x20 Rental
    DD Truss-works 20x20 Truss Rentals


Why purchase Double Deck Truss Rentals with us?

Perfect service - The price that you pay for Truss rentals includes delivery, setup dismantle as well as removal. You need not to worry about preparing for your display or exhibition once you have hired Truss double decks. No worry about clearing out once you are through with your exhibition. Truss rentals will do it for you.

Within your budget - Truss rentals cap these costs prior the show to give you time to control the selection process. Using Truss Rentals ensures that your show is the best show you have had and is within your budget.

Design ideas -
We will offer a wealth of ideas in design and cost-cutting solutions that will assist you to come up with the best option on the double deck that you require. You get to the best design ideas that provide you with the unique needs you require for your exhibition. You will save valuable time in making decisions that our team can help you with in the creation of the perfect design for your double deck display.

Accessories -
We do not only provide the double deck displays, but we also offer accessories that will give your exhibition that unique and professional look. The accessories include:

    Exhibition display counters
    Tables and chairs for your exhibition
    Linear Counters
    Trade show kiosks
    Table covers that have your brand name
    Literature racks
    Trade show lights

In addition, Truss rentals also offer hanging banners with your brand name. This ensures your brand name is noticed, and your business or company gains more attention.

Using our services will ensure that you have that one-time exhibition like none other you have done before. We to all this within your budget to ensure that you save time and money; all you need to concentrate on is your presentation once we offer our services.

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