KLIK Magnetic Display System

KLIK 10x8 Back Wall Display NO TOOLS

Optional Shipping Case
Optional Rectangle Podium
Optional Monitor Mount
Optional LED Lighting
Optional Shelves
Optional Peg Wall Panel
Choose Back Wall Shape

This is a wonderfully versatile wall display that a lot of organizations will be able to use successfully. Many people will like the presentation style associated with this wall display. It's simple yet effective, giving people a straightforward style of visual communication that can really help create the right impression at a trade show or a similar important event.

The rectangular podium is optional, but it will add something to any wall display of this nature. While the monitor mount is also optional, it might work perfectly in some circumstances. Some customers might choose the LED lighting option as well, potentially adding the perfect finishing touch to a display that is generally unassuming and efficient.

This display should be large enough for whatever customers have in mind, but they won't have to worry about filling a lot of empty space, either. In some cases, it's better to avoid giving the impression that a given organization doesn't have a lot to say.

This is a magnetic product display that will give them the chance to get across everything that they're trying to communicate. They won't risk creating a display that is overly busy or difficult for people to understand when they're just being casual.

Some displays are easier to assemble than others, and in that regard, this is one of the best displays that anyone will find. Even people who barely have any time at all will be able to put this display together very quickly, without making it look like everything was set up at the last minute. This is a product that will make things easier for everyone.

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