KLIK Magnetic Display System

KLIK 10x10 Modular Display NO TOOLS

Single or Double-Sided Graphics
Choose Back Wall Shape
Optional Rectangle Podium
Optional Peg Wall Panel
Optional Shelves
Optional Monitor Mount
Optional LED Lighting
Optional Shipping Case
Optional Sintra Graphics

This is the sort of modular display that will improve any event. In many other cases, setting up a display like this would be challenging. Since most organizers are busy enough already, they don't want to have to learn a new set of tools just for the sake of putting together a display like this.

However, this magnetic display system is so easy to set up that none of this will be a problem for anyone. People who were nervous about using something like this in the first place won't have to worry. They'll have everything set up in no time.

They will be able to get a message across to an audience using a very impressive display system that will give them plenty of room for the text and images that they want to present. The double-sided graphics option will only make this easier, giving people the chance to use this display in a more flexible manner. They can also get more use out of the display in general when they take advantage of this option.

Some people might also enjoy the optional LED lighting, which could be particularly appropriate for a show or other event related to sustainability or new lighting systems. Of course, many people just enjoy LED lighting systems in general. A modular display like this won't just display a set of messages, images, and mission statements. It conveys a sense of professionalism, showing how prepared everyone was and how much they want to communicate effectively with their audience members.

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