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Trade Show Flooring

Trade Show Flooring

One good way to add that edge to your trade show booth is to use trade show flooring. If you travel around the country to conventions, vendor events and trade shows promoting your business and/or your products, you know that a professional and eye-catching booth can make the difference between an attendee stopping to learn more about what you are offering and simply walking on by. Don't forget about the show flooring in your booth.


Trade show flooring, as the name implies, is decorative floor pieces that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. They are available with the look of hardwood or in a rainbow of festive colors. Such flooring is also surprisingly affordable. If you've rented flooring from the show organizers in the past, owning your own flooring will pay for itself in just one show.

Benefits of using trade show flooring

Trade show flooring helps to make your area more attractive and define your booth area. However, these are just two of the many reasons to invest in trade show flooring.

1. Eye-catching. In a sea of other vendors vying for each attendees attention, professional show flooring can be the element that causes an attendee to choose to engage with the people manning your booth.

2. Comfort. The padding in trade flooring makes it easier on your legs and feet when you are standing for hours at a time interacting with visitors to your booth.

3. Aesthetics. When you use your own flooring, you can hide a number of unsightly features, such as extension cords and discolored marks on the permanent flooring.

4. Branding. Trade show floors can be created in your company's distinctive colors or even imprinted with your logo, helping to further define your brand to customers.

To learn more about how trade show flooring can make your convention and vendor events more profitable and enticing for attendees, visit Smash Hit Displays.com or call us at 1-877-215-5355.

Review- Thank you very much for your help with the return of the original pieces and speedy delivery of the new floor tiles. They are installed and really compliment the rest of our fair booth - John -AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

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