EZ-6 Truss Displays 10x20

EZ6 Truss Display 10 x 20 EV2-ML11


It's widely known that truss displays are going to give people more traffic and more attention, and on that basis alone, they're worth setting up for everyone involved. This is a truss exhibit that has the sort of charming simplicity that people are going to need if they're going to attract attention. There are lots of different designs available for the people who want to use them and the people who want to be able to make the right impressions right away. They're definitely going to be able to tailor this truss display to their own preferences. Of course, one way or another, people should be able to get the industrial style with this truss display, and that is the sort of style that is going to work in almost all situations.

People can choose between lots of different frame colors with this truss display, which is going to make it that much easier for them to get the look and the feel that they want. This is also one of the most durable truss displays that people can find, which is just going to make it easier for people to use it over and over again. Putting this truss display together is also going to be easy for everyone involved, which means that assembling it over and over again in these kinds of locations is going to be relatively simple for most people. This is a reliable truss display in every way, and all customers can really appreciate it.

Details- Warranty

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Full set of fabric graphics
  • Graphic ready backwall system
  • 1 counter with tons of storage
  • Large horizontal mural
  • LED silhouette lighting between top and bottom mural sections
  • 2 workstations with backlit base
  • 1 silhouette lit counter graphic
  • 4 clamp-on lights
  • 1 Shipping Tub

  • Does not including the meeting table with chairs.

Type of Graphic(s)

Please inquire for graphic templates.

Special Features

  • Easy Assembly
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Several Frame Colors to Choose From
  • Truss Components are 100% US Made

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Costs are not Included, please call for a freight estimate.


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