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Dye sublimation printing is a method of printing where solid ink is heated to print characters onto a plain piece of material. When something is printed on a carpet using dye sublimation printing, it becomes embedded into the carpet. Such a carpet can be printed with words, pictures, logos or any other characters you may require. Dye sublimation printing results in a very realistic and rich image. You can get carpets that are ten feet wide and as long as ten times that. Using dye sublimated carpets has a lot of advantages for example:

Cost Effective

Dye sublimated carpets are washable by hand or machine. Being able to wash the carpets means they can repeatedly be used. Therefore one only needs to make the initial payment and can have some flooring for a long time after that. The carpets are also quite durable hence they can withstand many washes and a lot of wear and tear increasing their lifespan.


As can be seen above, you are going to spend that much time with a dye sublimated carpet. It is a significant advantage that you can have it designed exactly as you wish. You can work with the printers so that every detail is to your satisfaction. Such parameters may include the shape of the mat, color constitution and the finishing.

Large printable material

A dye sublimated carpet can have a length of over 80 feet. With a width of ten feet, that makes a pretty big area. If utilized well, this area can serve its purpose extremely well. One can use it to accomplish many functions at once. If used at a convention where there are many booths, it should cover the entire area which is very eye catching. It would attract many of the people in attendance with its size and clarity if color.


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Dye-Sublimated Carpet

Items Included in Kit Price

Dye-Sub Carpet
Edge Binding (Optional)


Special Features

Dye-Sublimated Print NOT Inkjet
Up to 10' x 50' Printable Graphic Area

Shipping Information

Ships from: 60990
Ships: FedEx/UPS or Freight Depending On Size


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