Digital Carpet and Mats

Digital Carpet and Mats

We believe that one of the ways of promoting the message of your company is by using custom digital carpets and mats. Trade show flooring is one more way to send that sales messaage to your customer.

Over the years, our company has been the leading manufacturer and retailer of custom printed digital carpets and mats that are of an extremely high quality. We have different industrial grade mats and carpets that are available in our stocks of various sizes and prices.


Available Products

Some of the carpets you will be able to find from our stocks are the cleanable steam carpets, latex backing, and bounded border among others.

 We also have mats that are customized in various sizes and shapes, some of which are, the rubber backing, rubber border, and washable among others. They are all available at very affordable prices.

Where You Can Use Them

These products are ideal for high traffic areas like supermarkets, factories, offices, schools, as well as shops. Each digital carpet and mat is available in different colors, which you are free to choose from. Once you have opted for the carpet or mat of your choice, our design team will get down to work and have your logo printed directly onto the surface of the carpet or mat.

Quality Products

All our products are printed using a state-of “the art digital printer. We ensure that the colors on the carpet are permanently dyed and then passed through a special stain-stopper technology. This is done to ensure that no color is lost.

We have a cutting-edge printing process that allows for the use of 3D images, shading as well as the reproduction of fine details.

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