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Vocela 20' x 20' booth


Vocela 20' x 20' Booth

20 x 20 Trade Show Booth

Designed to make you the center of attention, the Vocela 20x20 Trade Show Booth is large and spacious giving you the freedom to create meeting rooms, presentation areas, casual lounges, and multiple workstations. With an attractive canopy, bright lighting and a height of 20 feet, this open custom island display from Smash Hit Displays let you exploit the height above and offers increased accessibility to prospective clients from every direction. It also features an open floor plan allowing clients to move around easily, making it an excellent option for all types of businesses.

Our creative designers blend the latest technology with the finest quality materials to produce an extensive variety of colors, designs, layouts, and features of Vocela 20x20 trade show booth. Additionally, this eye-catching, cost-effective trade show booth, is constructed with durable yet lightweight materials enabling your booth set up is simple, easy and hassle-free. We also design the interior of the booth with a wide assortment of counters, shelves, pedestals, display cases, and tables to provide you all the working space desired.

Visit our gallery to explore our collection of custom exhibits; our options are sure to impress, pick the one that fits your style, budget and will generate new leads as well as allow you meet existing clients. Some are available to rent, others for purchase. Also, enjoy complete control over every aspect of your booth by ordering a custom-made Vocela 20x20 trade show booth. Call our team of dedicated designers to discuss options to make one that is perfect for your marketing needs.

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