Trade Show Displays FAQ

Answers To the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Trade Show Displays!

Smash Hit Displays offers a full line of displays. Choices range from table top banner stands to custom booth designs. The most common displays purchased are budget friendly banner stands, fabric tension displays, pop up displays, and truss systems. If you can imagine it, there's no doubt we can probably bring your idea to life.

Most of the shows provide their registered exhibitors with an Exhibitor's Kit or Manual. This is your "trade show bible". In it will be all show regulations and restrictions for exhibit booths and displays. Know what's restricted. By answering these questions, you can help narrow down your options. How big is the space you'll be exhibiting in? Will you be exhibiting at several different venues throughout the year? If so, you'll want to consider what it will be like to set up and break down a larger display as opposed to a simpler and smaller one. Will transporting your display be simple, or will it take a trucking company to move it? Will events be indoor, outdoor or a combination of the two? How many people will be setting up the display? Are you willing to have someone else set it up? Paid labor increases costs. Now, what's your budget? Are you ordering far enough in advance of the expo to allow for artwork issues, corrections, production and delivery of your display? If not, then costs will be driven higher with rush fees and expedited shipping. The biggest gift you can give yourself and your company is to purchase your display booth ahead of time.
You may make a convenient online purchase using our shopping cart. Once your order is received, we do call to verify your purchase. For this reason, although it's not necessary, we recommend calling your order in to us.
The price you see on our website is the price you pay before any taxes and/or shipping. Other fees such as graphic design, graphic placement, rush fees or expedited shipping will be agreed upon before adding to your order.
The most common choices are anti-curl vinyl or dye-sub fabric. Because of its affordability and portability, dye-sub fabric is one of the favorites. We do offer 22 mil PVC Vinyl and Lambda graphics for our Coyote displays. Since we have access to many different vendors nationwide, we couldn't even begin to list all of the choices in this small space. You are always welcome to request a sample of display material be shipped to you before your order is placed.
Smash Hit Displays offers full design services. Our designers will discuss your ultimate goal and vision with you, taking every aspect into consideration. Rates are quoted based on the job, allowing our designers to focus on the quality of your design rather than a time constraint.
Smash Hit Displays offers graphic design and trade show consulting services.
We have many recommendations for first time exhibitors to save costs and increase effectiveness at the show. First time exhibitors are encouraged to call Dennis with any questions. He was once a first time exhibitor himself. He's been to exhibitions around the country and can helpguide you through every aspect of your first show.
Please don't shop by price alone - a lower price doesn't mean the worst display, just as a higher price doesn't mean the best display. You'll be happier with your purchase decision if you do the homework first. Thoroughly shop around for your display. You'll want to visit other websites, and talk to their company representatives. Have them put the quote in writing. Ensure the details are included in the quote - is the low price you just saw for hardware only? Or does it include the graphics too? Are the graphics vinyl or dye-sub? Be careful to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Many low quality items resemble their quality counterparts. If in doubt, feel free to give us a call. We'll do the best to answer your questions. If you submit their written estimates to us or provide us with a link, we'll do our best to beat that price! Finally, compare customer service of all companies that you've contacted. Who do you feel has provided you with the best service?
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