Trends to Look for in the Trade Show Industry in 2015We are only a month into the New Year and I have already noticed a ton of trends taking over the trade show industry. Here are 4 of those trends you can expect to see at your next event.

As technology and marketing tools continue to evolve, so do trade show stands. Exhibitors try to gain the attention of attendees through flashy lights, fun activities, and amazing giveaways in order to make a lasting first impression on potential customers. If you want to avoid having a boring, forgettable booth, follow these trends when designing your trade show display.

1. Design

More and more businesses are keeping traffic coming to their booth by creating relaxing lounge areas where attendees can sit down in comfortable chairs, have soft lighting, and even having free wifi and tablets available for potential customers to use. If you would like to incorporate an area in your custom display that can be used for presentations, there are several booth options available that have meeting areas built into them.

2. Attendance

While we may be in awe over our trade show booth design, the main reason we put so much time and energy in our booth design is to impress attendees, right? Exhibitors everywhere will be happy to know that, according to a study by the Center for Exhibition Research, trade shows have seen attendance growth for 9 quarters in a row and predict those numbers to continue increasing from 2013 to 2015. With the economy looking up and a lower unemployment rate, there are more people who will be ready to make a purchase at the show, so there s never been a better time for businesses to strut their stuff at expos.

3. Timeline

Years ago, it would take a significant amount of time to design a booth, promote it to your customers, and order all of the materials needed for the event. Since everything has become more convenient, from reaching out to your target audience through social media to ordering trade show displays online, marketers need less time to plan and prepare for their upcoming events. Since many marketers lack the time to wait for a custom display to be built, they are opting for the ready-to-ship displays with quick turnaround times. Trade show display rentals have especially picked up in popularity for this reason, along with many other benefits to using a rental instead of purchasing one.

4. Budget

Most booths have been designed with the end user in mind, meaning they are lightweight, simple to put together and dismantle, and are much less expensive than the bulky, heavy construction of trade show booths back in the day. Although most businesses have bounced back from the recession years ago, they are still tightening their belts when it comes to their marketing budget. Because of this, exhibitors are choosing the shows they participate in very carefully to ensure they get the best ROI possible. This is done by looking at shows they have exhibited at in the past to see how successful they were, as well as doing a little research to find out where their target market and competitors will be.

Even though we are surrounded by technology, there is no better way to sell your brand than through face-to-face connections that can be received from trade shows. Although 2015 has just begun, I have already noticed these trends beginning to transform the event industry.

What other trends do think will shape the industry this year?