Trade shows are the one place where entrepreneurs and large corporations alike will be under the same roof, competing for the attention of potential new customers. It s a great way to promote services, products, or to simply build your brand. To be a success at these events, it doesn t matter how much money is spent, as long as the right trade show display is used.


With the ability to highlight and demonstrate your products or services, trade shows can be extremely profitable ventures that can transform any business into a popular one. One tip to take into consideration when planning for the event is to pick the right location at the venue. Register early at the exhibit hall to get a booth spot that is in a high traffic are in order to get noticed at the event.

The size of your trade show booth will depend on a number of factors, but the size of your space is a huge part of that decision. Many booths, such as truss systems, can be reconfigured to fit the space, but researching exhibits that will work with the space you have is important. Also, if you are planning on having lighting on your display system, keep a mental note of where the lighting and electrical outlets. In fact, before registering for the event and choosing a booth, get as much information as possible about the space to make sure outlets will be available to you.

The night before the convention, make a list of everything you will need to bring to the show, including any brochures or promotional literature, giveaway items, banners, and anything else you will need. Your booth staff will be the face of your company at the trade show, so make sure they know how to dress for the occasion and answer any questions attendees may have. Being prepared is very important in order to give your audience a positive impression on your company. Trade shows are not only an excellent way to gain new customers, but it s also the perfect place to network with other industry professionals and do a little spying on the competition. While one staff member is taking care of the booth, another can walk the aisles looking at the different display systems. This could give you some ideas for future trade shows or last-minute changes that can be made to the demonstration or booth area.

The right trade show can also make a huge difference in the return on investment and success you get from the show. Participate in conventions that are related to your industry or where you could find your target demographic. For example, the ABC Kids Expo would be the perfect place for a toy company to exhibit.

Bring plenty of business cards to hand out to leads or new connections you met at the show, as well as only high-quality printed materials. With these tips, you will be ready for the trade show!