Trade Show Trends for 2015

Every year, new trends are being found throughout trade shows. What may have been known as a stunning trade show exhibit last year will not turn heads in 2015. So, if you are planning on exhibiting at any upcoming trade shows, the following trends are a must to keep attendees interested, engaged, and potentially become new customers.

1. More Exhibitors are Using Backlit Displays

The brighter your booth is, the more traffic it will attract, which is probably why more exhibitors are opting for backlit displays. LED lights are located behind the graphics, shining a light on it and putting a spotlight on the entire booth.

2. Interactive Touch-Screen Technology

Attendees want to be engaged at show displays and what better way to do that than have some interaction technology? Interactive touch-screen technology will allow attendees to be in charge of what is shown on the screen. Booth visitors will be able to play games, answer questions, or fill out forms all with the touch of their finger.

3. Lead Retrieval Systems

Retrieving leads is one of the main reasons businesses decide to participate at expos in the first place, which is why having an organized system in place is increasing in popularity. With lead retrieval software, the lead s contact information can easily be captured into a database on the exhibitor s smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Some exhibitors have also taken advantage of badge-scanning technology that will gather all of their information by simply scanning their badges.

4. Increased Use of a Classic Look

More exhibitors are designing their custom trade show displays with an industrial design in mind. This is especially seen with manufacturing companies, but they are opting for a classic wooden or steel display with a clean, workshop look.

5. iPad Kiosks and Phone Charging Centers

People of all ages just can t go anywhere without some form of technology by their side. Since many attendees will need their phones to contact their office or supervisor before making any purchasing decisions, they will especially rely on having their phone fully charged and working great. By adding a phone charging center, attendees will hang out at your booth while their phone charges, giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself. IPad kiosks will also allow attendees to check their email or look at certain websites. If you want to be the place all of the attendees want to hang out, you should consider adding these stations to your booth.


These trade show trends will hopefully help you plan your booth design much easier, but for more tips, call Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355 and we would be happy to share our knowledge and industry observations with you.