trade-show-logistics2Sometimes the most expensive part of trade shows is shipping your trade show display and materials, especially with the rise in gas prices. Luckily, there are some things that can be done to reduce these costs and stay within your budget.


Do Your Research

Get quotes from various transportation companies prior to the event to find out which is the most affordable. However, don t just rely on the price alone but also on the customer service because poor customer service and a lack of communication from the transportation company could result in your display not being shipped on time to the venue.

Ship Promptly

Once you have decided on a transportation company, ship your show display as early as possible. By shipping early, you won t have to worry about additional expedited shipping costs. Instead, you ll be able to use the most inexpensive transportation option while being able to relax knowing it will arrive on time.

If it Doesnt Have to be Shipped, Don t Do it

The heavy or large items, such as your truss display booth, will definitely need to be shipped. However, any items that can be carried with you to the event should not be shipped. Items such as literature or products should travel with you instead of having to pay additional drayage costs. Also, if it doesnt have to be at the trade show, then leave it at the office to lighten your load.

Make a List of All Items that Need to be Shipped

List all of the items that will definitely need to be shipped and those that can be carried with you to the show. This way, you will reduce the chances of last minute shipments. Save money by shipping all of the items together instead of separately.

Proper planning, efficient shipping, and listing what needs to be shipped and what doesnt will not only reduce transportation costs, but will also help you and your team stay calm and positive before the big event.


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