Success at Trade ShowsWhen it comes to exhibiting, it is no secret that a well designed trade show booth is the first thing you need to make a positive impact. However, it takes more than an eye-catching display system to get the sales you want. Below are a few tips to becoming a smash hit at your next event.

Look the Part

Smiling and having a positive attitude will get more attention than someone who has a poor attitude and looks angry. Your booth staffers must also keep up their appearance in order to look professional. A wrinkle-free uniform, polished shoes, and manicured fingernails make an inviting first impression.

Choose Wisely

When deciding who will staff your booth, choose those employees who are the most knowledgeable of your products and can answer any technical questions. It is reassuring to your customers that your staff has full knowledge of the products you sell. This knowledge will move you ahead of your competitors. Also, choose employees who are passionate about the products or services your company sells.

Give Attendees an Incentive

First of all, when attendees walk in to your booth, they should feel welcomed and appreciated for considering your services or products. Second, use giveaways and drawings to intrigue people to come in to your trade show display. Print the name of your company and logo on these giveaways, keeping you remembered long after the show is over.

Listen, Don t Assume

Assuming you know what your customer is looking for is a recipe for disaster. Do you want to know how to avoid making this blunder? Try listening to what your potential client s specific needs are. No one likes the feeling of not being heard. By listening, they will feel as if you care about matching the right products with their certain needs. Try hard not to interrupt letting the potential customer finish their thoughts.


So you may have aced the previous four points, but if you don t follow-up with these interested attendees, all of your efforts will be lost. Make sure to get these individual s contact info. Have a legal pad close by to gather the potential customer s contact information. Even better is to ask if they have a business card. Don t wait more than a week once the show has ended to contact them. Either call or send thank-you cards to thank them for taking the time to talk to you. Be prepared to answer any questions they may still have.

By following these tips, you will be able to better prepare your fellow booth staffers on the correct trade show etiquette. As I have stated before, having an effective trade show display is what will attract attendees to your booth in the first place. However, the closer of the deal is your booth staff.