Exhibiting is not as easy as it sounds; it is up to you to draw traffic to your display booth, keep their attention, and generate leads out of many of the attendees that will visit your booth.

Not only are these things important for a successful exhibit, but trying to get people to come to you instead of your competitors is no easy feat. Luckily, there are several ways you can stand out and accomplish your goals at the trade show.

1. Stay True to Your Brand

Create your entire custom booth around your brand by keeping attendees engaged with activities that will help them connect with your brand. Your graphics, taglines, and signage should all be related for a truly memorable exhibit for your visitors.

2. Do Your Homework

Research the latest technology you can use for your booth exhibit to help you stay ahead of the competition. This could mean using mobile apps or software that will allow you to easily type in your lead s information and send it directly to your sales department from the show floor. It is amazing at how tech-savvy exhibitors have become, so learn what you can do to incorporate technology into your display.

3. Try Something New

If you have been to trade shows in the past, you probably prefer to stick with an exhibit, promotion materials, and other things that have worked for you. Try to break out of your comfort zone with something that would help attendees remember who you are. Try out new graphics for your booth, a new layout, and a new way for booth staff to approach attendees.

4. Train Your Staff

Teach your staff what questions to ask the people who could potentially be new customers for you. Keep all of the questions open-ended so that attendees don t have the opportunity to end the conversation. The right questions will help your staff easily qualify leads.

These ideas will help you stand out at expos.

What are some out-of-the-box ideas that have you seen at trade shows?


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