Literature RackA lot of companies enjoy giving out promotional literature at trade shows. They feel as though this will make the visitors remember them. However, a majority of the promotional material ends up in the trash. There are some things you can do to reduce this waste while still being remembered by potential customers.

The Power of the Internet

Almost everyone has the Internet at home. Therefore, instead of handing out brochures with product and service details, all your visitors need is the web address. These days, everything you may possibly want to know can be found online. Include your web address on your trade show exhibit graphics in a color that will not blend into the background. Many companies now have their entire catalog on the Internet. In fact, bring a laptop to the event so that you can take potential customers directly to your website. An LCD plasma monitor can be added to almost any display system, making it easy to show a group of people your web site. Make good use of the web and trees will thank you!

What is the Literature Actually Costing You?

Printing and designing promotional materials is not cheap. In fact, it is extremely expensive. A number of carbon emissions are released into the air due, making the environment pay an even bigger price than what is coming out of your wallet. If you do plan on printing literature, recycled paper and soy-based ink are much safer. However, it is not just printing the literature that will cost you, many venues now charge extreme drayage costs for every shipment into the show.

What is the Payoff?

How many sales do you actually expect to receive from handing out brochures and pamphlets? Is the cost of printing and designing these materials worth it? If you want to hand out something that will make you remembered, consider handing out pens, flashlights, or any other item that is not meant to be thrown away.