Trade Show GoalSo the day is finally here where you get to show off your trade show booth. Months of preparations are going to pay off. Although there seem to be oodles of people walking up and down the aisles, the traffic at your booth seems to be less than what you had expected. Susan Ward,, has some great last-minute tips to use to strategically increase the flow of traffic at your trade show display.

1. Neatness and Visibility are a Must!

Clearly mark your company s info, including prices, so that the attendees don t have to spend too much time searching for what they are looking for. In fact, a great way to stay organized is by using a smaller display as well as a larger display. If the space allows you, use a 10 foot or 20 foot Pop Up Display as your primary display, yet have a table top display in front of that display, which can be used to show off your products.

2. Create a Demand for your Product (or just make it seem that way)

Most people want what they think others seem to be buying in bulk. By making it appear as though your products are in high demand, it will make others think the products are in high demand. Strategically place a sold sign on one or two items, or leave one spot on your display empty, making it look as if an item were sold and you were too busy to restock the shelf.

3. Keep Lots of Promotional Literature on Hand

Make sure you have enough brochures, business cards, order forms and any other literature you may need. Using a literature rack will help keep all of these promotional items organized and easily accessible to the potential customer.

4. Follow-Up

I can t stress enough the importance of following up with those people you met at the trade show. I would not wait any longer than a week before trying to contact those individuals you had a chance to meet. If you wait any longer than that, you risk the possibility they will forget that they even spoke to you. While at the show, get the contact information from those people who seemed genuinely interested in what your company has to offer. About a week after the trade show, send thank you cards to these people, thanking them for stopping by your booth and listening to what you had to say.