Should You Hire a Trade Show Professional for Your Booth?

Are you thinking about bringing in some extra help at your trade show booth? Hiring a professional could be a great solution. Here are 5 reasons it may work for you.

Although you may have an excellent staff to help out at your trade show exhibit that may not be enough to get great results at the event. Sometimes it takes a trained trade show professional to really help you get the return on investment that you need to make the show worth it. Instead of bringing in more employees to help man your booth, hiring trade show talent could be the answer. Here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring a trained event professional to help you succeed.

1. Positive First Impression

First impressions can make a huge difference in whether or not attendees want to talk to you, even before entering your display system. Having an outgoing, uniformed team could make a world of difference. By hiring an outside source to help you with this, these people know how to approach attendees in a welcoming manner.


2. Gives Your Staff More Time to Speak With Clients or Leads

With hundreds or thousands of people stopping by your exhibit, it can be overwhelming speaking with every single person, not having enough time to talk to interested buyers. By hiring a person or team to do this, it will give you and your staff more free time to meet with clients or leads at the event.


3. They Know How to Talk to the Crowd

Asking the right questions to attendees can quickly help you determine their interest level in your products or services. If the right questions aren t asked, you could be wasting your time with someone who isn t the least bit intrigued by your products or services. Event professionals have been trained to ask open-ended questions that will determine this. If they are a hot lead , the trade show helper can then send them to you or a member of your staff or take down their contact information for you.


4. The Professionals Can Run the Demos, Presentations, or other Speaking Events

Talented trade show individuals are used to speaking with and entertaining large crowds. These people have the ability to improvise and control the pace of the presentation.


5. Save Money

Instead of having to bring several of your employees with you to the event, hiring a local trade show professional save quite a bit of money, especially if you are traveling to the event. Having to pay airfare, hotels, and any other expenses per staffer could get pretty expensive. By hiring someone to help you out, you won t have to pay these costs.


Having one or two members of your company at the show is important, especially to answer any questions the attendees may have. However, having someone in your show booth that could help you get results will make your trade show experience a more positive and less stressful one.