Every year there are numerous events happening, so it can be a daunting task selecting the one that your company could benefit from. Not only could participating in every single trade show take up a lot of time and money, it wouldn t give exhibitors the time to properly plan for the convention.

When it comes to exhibiting, going to quality shows will pay off more than going to a large quantity of shows. Luckily, these criteria will make picking the right show for your business simple.


For each event you are considering going to, think about the type of audience that will be at the show. Will it be a large or small, targeted audience? Will the attendees be made up of decision makers? Will the show reach a local, national, or international market? You need to know the type of audience you are targeting, as well as who will be at the event in order to make a decision on which trade show will be worth your time.


Not every convention is going to cater to your industry, so do your research to discover which ones your competitors and other industry-related companies will be at. Once you find this out, you can count on your target audience being at the same show.

Return on Investment

Make a list of all the costs that will be accrued, including travel, hotel, promotional literature, trade show exhibit, shipping, and giveaway costs. Will you be able to get a good return on investment back from the trade show or would it cost more money than you will get back? If you do have a great deal of costs, this doesn t necessarily mean that you shouldn t go. However, it does mean that you will need to get more leads in order to make the show pay off.

Reputation of the Event

What do your customers, co-workers, and competitors feel about the event? Have they heard or seen good things about the trade show? Does it have an excellent show manager? How well has the event been marketed to the public? By simply doing a little internet research, you will be able to find out how much the event is respected in the community. These are just a few ideas to help you find the best convention for your company s needs. Once you have decided on the right event or events, then you can begin designing your show display. Need a little design inspiration? Check out Smash Hit Displays ideas for displays and exhibits.