Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade Show Budget and ROILike most everything in life, the better the plan, the better the result. When planning your trade show display investment budget and the projected return on your investment it is ideal to have some firm logic to stand on to make these calculations. You must have a place to start your budget evaluation, in order to stay within a reasonable budget and earn great results. This way you are not shooting darts at a board in total darkness. In this article, I intend to provide a general, targeted guideline and logical progression that should help you determine how much to realistically spend on a trade show display, and how to conclude your potential return on your trade show display expense. Oh, and please keep in mind that a display can last years, meaning your ROI increases over time!

hanging trade show bannersMost trade shows contain a sea of show exhibits that might seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. People attending the show are thinking to themselves: Wow where do I go first? Attendees are not usually given any kind of layout map. No, they are on their own to take in the show. Visitors of the show are going to want to take in as much as possible in the short time they are spending there.

Trade Show GoalSo the day is finally here where you get to show off your trade show booth. Months of preparations are going to pay off. Although there seem to be oodles of people walking up and down the aisles, the traffic at your booth seems to be less than what you had expected. Susan Ward,, has some great last-minute tips to use to strategically increase the flow of traffic at your trade show display.

Trade Shows in a Slow EconomyRecession has become a word used in our everyday conversations especially in the trade show display industry.. In fact, we have been completely consumed with the economy, in both our home and work life. People who have never felt a need to watch the news are now watching it regularly with more interest than ever.

Literature RackA lot of companies enjoy giving out promotional literature at trade shows. They feel as though this will make the visitors remember them. However, a majority of the promotional material ends up in the trash. There are some things you can do to reduce this waste while still being remembered by potential customers.

How to Save Your Company at Trade ShowsIn today s economy, it is extremely worrisome not knowing what the future holds. Every day there seems to be another company that is filing for bankruptcy or asking for a bailout. For me, this was the wakeup call I needed to realize how extremely important it is to market your business and get your company s name known.

How to close the sale at trade showsIt is no secret that trade shows are one of the most effective ways to meet potential customers, whom you most likely would not have met if it weren t for the convention. However, you are wasting your time and money if you are not able to successfully close the sales.

How to Choose the Right Trade ShowYou have been in the preparation and planning stages of your trade show exhibit for many months. Now that it is complete, you are ready to begin exhibiting. However, could all of your hard work be a waste of time and money?

Trade Show Display DesignTrade shows have always been one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to promote your business. However, note that you have less than 3 seconds to appeal to those people walking by your display system. Here are two things to consider in order to make your trade show booths visually appealing to your potential customers.

Success at Trade ShowsWhen it comes to exhibiting, it is no secret that a well designed trade show booth is the first thing you need to make a positive impact. However, it takes more than an eye-catching display system to get the sales you want. Below are a few tips to becoming a smash hit at your next event.