Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Las Vegas Trade Show Displays For Sale and For Rent


Smash Hit Displays has been a leading provider of trade show displays, from custom truss displays, to pop up displays for companies and businesses participating in Las Vegas trade shows. From basic trade show display rentals to full blown, multi-level 20 x40 trade show booths that are the talk of the convention, we have a booth display to meet your need.

trade-show-logistics2Sometimes the most expensive part of trade shows is shipping your trade show display and materials, especially with the rise in gas prices. Luckily, there are some things that can be done to reduce these costs and stay within your budget.


Location, Location, Location:

This rule from the real estate world works just as well in the trade show field, where you are essentially renting real estate for a three-day show for your portable trade show booths. While theres a lot more you can do to ensure your participation in a show is successful, if you dont get the location right, you have shot yourself in the foot before you start.

After spending weeks, even months, designing the perfect trade show booth, the day has finally come where you get to show everyone all of the hard work you put into your tradeshow booth. However, you are not getting nearly as much traffic as you expected. What could have gone wrong?

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fallleavesThe leaves are falling and winter is on its way. Autumn is the traditional time of the year when businesses of all sizes start making plans to get involved in trade show exhibits and conferences. Trade shows and conferences are great forms of marketing and branding. This is true across industries and sectors of all kinds. Its an exciting time for companies to plan the launch of new products, services and other promotional events.

From deciding which trade show event(s) to participate in, what it will cost to send staff, the price of the booth space, marketing materials, to what kind of trade show display booth to pick that will best represent their business and maximize the use of their space. The last quarter of the year is when companies plan out what they need to be successful.

There are five concrete benefits for

Trade shows can be a great boost to your business. Not only it exposes your business or product to a lot of people, but it also helps you to get the most up to date information and trends that are happening in your current industry. If you are planning to exhibit or already an exhibitor in a trade show, then it would do well if your trade show booth can stand out from your competitors. This article will give you tips on how you might stand out in a trade show.

Trade Show Risk ManagementNo matter how diligently you try or how much experience you have it is impossible to plan for everything that could happen during the event process. Risk Management means planning as well as you can for accidents, unplanned situations, safety, security, loss prevention, and more. Further, Risk Management in general is the process of identifying, measuring, and controlling risk. Trade show risk management is the responsibility of the show sponsor, as well as individual exhibitors.

Trade Show MistakesVeterans and rookies alike can easily make a fatal trade show exhibit error. In short, it s all in the planning. When you have a truly successful show, there s nothing quite like the jump you will enjoy in your business. That is why trade shows are so popular: because they work! You will delight in your event as long as you avoid the following five fatal errors.

Important information for online display shopping

The Made in USA caption is major selling point for many products because of the negative stigma associated with products manufactured overseas. Made in USA is a representation of quality and engineering that most overseas manufactures can not match. When shopping around for a product the Made in USA caption can be a deciding factor on choosing one product over another.

Does Made in USA mean a product is 100% made in the United States?

All that is required to claim a product is Made in the USA is 51% of the total engineering, raw materials, labor, and quality control to be considered a US made product. This makes it very hard for a shopper to determine what they are getting when they purchase a Made in USA product. Are you getting a truly 100% American product or a product that is only 51% US Made?