Trade Shows

Trade Shows

If your company is getting ready to launch a new product, exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to get the word out to existing or potential customers. It will give you the opportunity to get these new products in the hands of your audience and answer any further questions they have.

There s no need for you to trade the ones and zeroes in your bank account to nothing but zeroes if you plan on attending a trade show. Not only is Smash Hit Displays here to help you find an affordable trade show booth, we also want to help you save money while attending trade shows.

Exhibiting is not as easy as it sounds; it is up to you to draw traffic to your display booth, keep their attention, and generate leads out of many of the attendees that will visit your booth.

No matter if you ve been exhibiting at trade shows for several years or if you re planning your first show, it s always best to make sure that you re attending the right trade show, otherwise you ll practically be wasting that custom show display. The experts at Smash Hit Displays are here to help you decide which trade shows to book and which to avoid.

Trade Show MistakesMistakes at trade shows are made by at least one exhibitor at each event. Sometimes they are avoidable and sometimes they arent. For the ones that can be avoidable, here are some common errors that can be prevented for a smooth event.

Networking at Trade ShowsNetworking is one of the main reasons so many companies exhibit at trade shows, right behind generating leads and boosting sales. Connecting with other professionals at the event could lead to them referring clients to you and positively talking about your business in public.

Attract Leads at Trade ShowsOne of the main reasons for exhibiting at trade shows is to get new leads, right? For most companies, that is the number one reason for participating in conventions.

Save Time at Trade ShowsTrade shows are one of the most effective marketing tools available; with the face-to-face contact you get from your audience and the ability to demonstrate your latest products. It s easy to see why so many companies are investing in trade show displays, such as truss displays.

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Trade shows are like a flash mob of businesses packed into a compact space. Everyone s vying for attention and this might be in the form of distributing branded items, giving freebies, or just talking about their products.

With so many companies making the same product as yours, how will you make your business different? Heres how.

Trade show displays can be an excellent investment for your company, since it enables you to effectively promote your products or services in a visually appealing and eye-catching way at trade shows. Especially if you plan on participating in more than one event, it s important that your booth is in excellent shape.