Trade Shows

Trade Shows

10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Trade Shows

Whether they are just starting out, have a small budget, or simply aren t sure if it will be worth their time to participate at conventions, there are plenty of reasons to put yourself and your brand out there through this marketing medium. If you are still on the fence, consider these 10 reasons why it would be a smart move to invest in a trade show display.

5 Reasons Trade Shows are Worth Your Time

While some people can argue that technology and the Internet offers a more convenient option for people who are looking for ways to network and connect with other professionals and/or potential new customers, there are still plenty of reasons why trade show displays continue to be a sound investment that will practically pay for itself.

4 Trade Show Trends to Look for in 2015

With 2015 well underway, here are just a few trends that will be taking over the trade show industry.

Trends to Look for in the Trade Show Industry in 2015We are only a month into the New Year and I have already noticed a ton of trends taking over the trade show industry. Here are 4 of those trends you can expect to see at your next event.

As technology and marketing tools continue to evolve, so do trade show stands. Exhibitors try to gain the attention of attendees through flashy lights, fun activities, and amazing giveaways in order to make a lasting first impression on potential customers. If you want to avoid having a boring, forgettable booth, follow these trends when designing your trade show display.

5 Reasons to Go Digital at Trade ShowsHere are 5 reasons you should be going digital at your show display instead of wasting time and money on printed literature.

Even in today s technologically-obsessed world, there are still those exhibitors who prefer to print off tons of brochures and promotional literature instead of going digital. Not only does this waste a lot of paper, but most attendees will end up throwing it away before even leaving the event. Converting all of your literature and marketing efforts to digital outlets has many benefits aside from being more eco-friendly and less wasteful. If you not ready to ditch the paper yet, maybe these benefits of digital marketing and promotions at your trade show display will change your mind.

Finding the Perfect Booth LocationThe right location at the trade show can make a huge difference in the amount of attention and traffic you receive. Here are some tips in finding that perfect spot for your trade show booth.

As important as the design of your trade show exhibit is, having the right location at the event is equally as critical to the success of your booth. Why? Well, with the heavy amount of foot traffic that will be walking the aisles, there are some locations that will attract their attention more than others. If you are looking to get leads or sales at the show, and I suspect you are, then having your booth placed in high-traffic areas will help you get the results you are looking for. Here are some tips to getting the booth location that will lead you to success.

How to Use Event Apps for Trade Show SuccessMobile apps are perfect for keeping your audience informed with what to expect at your trade show exhibits, including presentations, speakers, demonstrations, and who your sponsors are. Here are several ways to use mobile apps before, during, and after the event for success.

Event trade show apps are an excellent resource to utilize for a number of reasons; they allow you to post your trade show displays schedule, connect with attendees and other exhibitors, and customers can also make appointments with you at the event. Event apps can also be used to get feedback from attendees on your trade show program, whether you had a speaker, presentation, or demonstration.

21 Items to Have on Hand in Case of EmergencyUnexpected situations occur all the time at trade show displays, whether the booth frame got damaged or not enough office supplies were brought to the show. Make sure you have the following items with you to be prepared for the unexpected.

You ve had your exhibit planned out and designed months before the show, literature printed out and ready to go, and your staff are thoroughly trained. No matter how prepared you are for the event, unexpected glitches could easily happen and derail your trade show success. Instead of waiting for these problems to happen, be proactive and have these items available in case of emergency.

Attract Traffic by Conveying This Information at Your BoothWhy should attendees stop by your booth display instead of your competitors? Follow these tips and you will win over traffic and even increase you number of leads.

Driving traffic to your trade show booth can be quite a challenge when you are up against hundreds of other booths with the same goal in mind. It doesn t help that attendees typically have a short attention span before they move on to other display systems. In fact, they only scan a booth for 3-5 seconds before they determine whether or not they are interested in stopping. To help get results and drive traffic to your exhibit, try out these ideas.

10 Things About Trade Shows Your Boss Wants to KnowStay one step ahead of your boss by having an answer to these trade show booth questions before they even ask.

Trade shows are an excellent way to promote your brand, generate leads, and build your networking connections. As beneficial as investing in trade show booths can be, your boss may not be totally convinced that it s worth the time and money. If you are ready to convince him/her on why you should be at the show, you need to be prepared. Here are some things you can expect your supervisor to ask you about the show.