If your company is getting ready to launch a new product, exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to get the word out to existing or potential customers. It will give you the opportunity to get these new products in the hands of your audience and answer any further questions they have.

As effective as conventions can be at bringing awareness to your company and product, it takes careful planning to get the best return on investment. Follow these tips to successfully launch your brand new products.

Social Media Use your social media networks to give your followers and connections information on your show booth display number and reasons they should stop by. Follow hashtags related to the event and answer questions or comment on posts you see to connect with other exhibitors or attendees. Also, write blogs, press releases, and guest articles with your product and booth information.

Hands On Demonstrations Instead of showing your audience how the product works, let them try it out for themselves. Have a few demonstration areas where potential customers can use the product to get a feel for how it works. They will be more inclined to buy it if they know how to use it.

Hold a Press Conference Trade shows often get media coverage, with reporters trying to get the inside scoop of what exciting events, contests, or products can be found at the convention displays. Invite the media to a press conference that will allow them to be the first to see your new products, as well as ask any additional questions.

Give out Coupons or Samples Give your attendees something to remember you by with a discount or sample of your latest product. Offer coupons or incentives that can only be redeemed at your trade show booth.

Contest Have a contest that will give attendees the opportunity to win one of your new products. Although only one or two people will win, you can contact the other contestants with the information they put on their entry forms after the trade show is over.

There are numerous benefits to exhibiting at trade shows, including brand awareness, networking, and the launch of a new product. These tips will help you effectively promote the latest creation addition to your company.