All exhibitors have one thing in common they are all using trade show booths to promote their company and products. But, what is it that makes you stand out from the others? Energetic, active display booths for trade shows will be much more memorable and will cause attendees to hang around much longer than displays that arent as engaging. Here are a few things you can do at your next event to create a buzz around your convention display.

Hire a Professional

Whether you hire local celebrities, speakers, clowns, mimes, or magicians, these people are trained to draw in a crowd and will surely keep them entertained.

Create a Game Show Inside Your Show Display

Get people talking about your display system by setting it up to look similar to a game show. Choose a volunteer to ask a series of product-related questions to, and have a stash of prizes they could win. Not only will this allow attendees to walk away from your trade show exhibit with a promotional product, but it will also inform them of what your products or services do and if it would be a good fit for their needs.If space allows, have one main display stand that is used to promote your company, and have a larger booth that is used as the background for your game, such as pop up displays.

Product Demonstrations

What better way to persuade people to buy your products than to show them? Have a live demonstration that not only has a spokesperson or employee demonstrating the product, but also allow your audience to try it out.

These ideas should help you get the attention of a much larger audience, as well as have them remember your portable displays long after the event!