Ever wonder what attendees are thinking as they walk the trade show aisles? Its impossible to put all of them into one category because while one factor may draw one person to your booth display, it may be something entirely different that peaks another persons interest.

To help you out, I have listed the 5 mentalities that you can expect to see from attendees at the trade show and how to attract each one.


This group of people enjoys being educated, whether its through demonstrations, seminars, or by simply having a booth staffer teach them everything they want to know about your products, services, or company. Consider adding a hands-on demonstration area that would allow attendees to try out the product for themselves.


Facts are very important to the researcher group so that they can make an educated decision on what product or company they should buy from. For this group, have plenty of brochures and literature available that these potential customers can take back to their supervisor or team.


These attendees are ready to take out their credit cards at a moment s notice. If they see something they like or need, theres a good chance they will be willing to make the purchase right on the spot, whether it s the latest equipment for their business or decor for their home, they are ready to do business. This group of people only make up a small portion of most trade show attendees, so keep some products on hand at your booth. Consider displaying them on shelves attached to your custom booth to keep your display looking organized.

Stylish and Chic

This group is often attracted to show displays that have a stunning design. Technology, bright colors, and an impressive layout are all things that matter to these fashionistas. Take time to design a booth with your audience in mind. What would appeal to them and get their attention? If you have exhibited in the past, think about what has worked and what hasnt in your booth design.


The main goal of this large group of attendees is to collect as many giveaways, gift bags, and any other free stuff they can get their hands on. To keep your giveaways safe from the looters, I would suggest having two separate freebies: something small and inexpensive for everyone (such as pens) and something a little more expensive for your leads. Whatever products you decide to hand out, make sure your logo and branding information is on it.

So, to recap what your booth display should have to attract all types of attendee mentalities:

  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Brochures and promotional literature with facts about your products and/or company
  • Several products on display
  • A booth design that will appeal to your target demographic
  • Two different giveaways an inexpensive one for everyone and a more expensive one for leads

Incorporate all of these ideas into your booth and you are sure to gain new customers out of the experience.