Finding the Right Trade Show Convention for Your BusinessHere are some ideas on finding the right event for your business.

One of the most effective ways to market your business is through trade shows because they allow you to meet your potential clients face-to-face instead of waiting for them to stop by your store or office. With only 3 seconds to grab their attention as they walk by, a well-designed trade show display is critical to your success at the event. However, if you aren t going to the right shows, then you won t be meeting the right people. Here are a few tips to help you find the right trade shows for your needs and increase your chances of getting leads.


Have a Goal

Do you know what you want to accomplish? If the answer is no, then this needs to be figured out before you sign up for every event that comes your way. Some questions you need to ask your self are: Do you want to reach decision-makers of businesses or would you like to talk to consumers directly? Do you want to network with future partnering professionals or get leads? Once these questions can be answered, you should be able to narrow down what trade shows will be the most lucrative to you and your business.


Talk to Your Customers

Ask them what events they plan on attending because there s a good chance you will find your target audience at those shows. Once you do plan to participate in a show your customers will be at, make sure they know you will be there. Send out emails or direct mail with the location of your trade show booths.


A Little Research Can Go a Long Way

Know where your competitors are going because, not only will you meet more potential buyers, but it will give you the chance to find out what new products your competitors are offering and what they are doing to drive traffic to their trade show displays. Having an idea of who will be attending the event is also extremely helpful. Ask the trade show organizers for a list of attendees from last year s convention.


Go as an Attendee

Don t feel pressured to exhibit at the trade show right away if you re still hesitant. Walk the aisles as an attendee to get an idea of what trade show exhibits get the most attention and what types of companies are at the show.


These are just a few ideas for you to find the right trade shows and conventions for your business.