Finding the Perfect Booth LocationThe right location at the trade show can make a huge difference in the amount of attention and traffic you receive. Here are some tips in finding that perfect spot for your trade show booth.

As important as the design of your trade show exhibit is, having the right location at the event is equally as critical to the success of your booth. Why? Well, with the heavy amount of foot traffic that will be walking the aisles, there are some locations that will attract their attention more than others. If you are looking to get leads or sales at the show, and I suspect you are, then having your booth placed in high-traffic areas will help you get the results you are looking for. Here are some tips to getting the booth location that will lead you to success.

Attend First, Exhibit Second

One of the best ways to find the right location is by looking at the event from an attendee s viewpoint. If you are able to, attend the trade show a year before exhibiting in order to take a mental note of which booths and locations got your attention and why. This will not only help you determine what location you should aim to use, but you could also get some design ideas for exhibit structures.


Stay Away From the Entrance and Exit

The entrances and exits are often heavily congested with people entering or leaving the event, causing them to miss the booths that are closest to these doors. However, if your exhibit is the second or third from the exit, you may be able to attract all of this new traffic since the attendees will be able to adjust to the event once they start heading away from the busy entrance.


Think of the Direction Attendees Walk

If you are in the US, attendees tend to walk on the right side of the aisles because that is the side of the road they drive on. With this in mind, setting up your booth on the right side will increase your chances of potential leads scoping out your exhibit compared to exhibits that are located on the left side. The same holds true in other countries, so take into consideration what side of the road they drive on and they will almost always walk on that side of the aisle.


Steer Clear of the Competition

If given the choice, choose a location that is away from your competitors because they could steal your thunder at the event. Not only could attendees decide to stop by their booth instead of yours (especially if they are a bigger, more well-known company), but with all of the information they will be getting from all of the trade show exhibits they visit, it would be too easy for them to blend the information from your booth with your competitors booth, not being able to tell the difference between the two. Try to get a location that is away from competing booths in order to help your audience remember your booth much easier.


Register Early

Now that you have an idea as to where you should place your show display, keep in mind that other exhibitors may also have these locations in mind. Make sure to register as early as you can because, not only will you be able to pick the spot you want, but many events offer early bird rates, saving you money in the process.


These are just a few ideas to help you make the most of your event experience, but for more ideas, check out our Trade Show Tips blogs.